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What is the warrantee of a Davis watch?

A Davis watch has a warrantee period of 24 months from purchase date against all manufacturing defects excluding band, glass, battery and damages caused by improper use.

Where can I buy a new strap for my Davis watch?

Straps can be ordered on this site.

For how long are spare parts of Davis watches available?

All spare parts are guaranteed available for 3 years. In many cases we can supply the spare parts for long after 3 years.

What is the battery life of my Davis watch?

The battery life of a watch depends on how many hands the watch has an dthe time between the manufacturing of the watch and selling the watch to you.

  • Battery life of a watch with 2 hands is on average 3 years
  • Battery life of a watch with 3 hands is on average 2 years
  • Battery lif eof a watch with more then 3 hands is on average 2 years or less. This depends on the use of the chronograph

Where can I find the reference number of my Davis watch?

The reference number of your watch is the 4 digit number that is engraved on the back side of your watch.

What is the difference between mineral glass and sapphire glas?

Saffierglas is het hardste glas. Saffierglas wordt synthetisch vervaardigd. Horloges met saffierglas zijn zeer goed bestand tegen krassen. Saffierglas is veel duurder dan mineraalglas. Zowel mineraalglas als saffierglas kan breken. Mineraalglas wordt het meest toegepast omdat het zich makkelijk laat vervaardigen.

How do I know if my watch has sapphire glass?

In the menu head by clicking on ‘Collection’ you can select your watch and see the specifications of it. When there is nothing mentioned in the specifications about the glass, your glass is a mineral glass.

How do I reset my chonograph?

In short this will work for most Davis watches: Pull out the crown (2 positions). Push the top button until the chrono second hand points to 12. Then push back the crown to the starting position.

Which packaging does Davis use?

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Outside the warranty term, the costs including the battery are € 11.95.
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